Director of Administration

Marilyn Hochstetler

Brian, Marilyn, Alannah & Mallory Hochstetler

I became a believer when I was 11 years old at a Christian summer camp in Orrville, Ohio. I was raised in a Christian home in Ohio and God was always a major part of my upbringing. My parents grew up Amish, and most of my relatives are still Amish today, so we were raised maybe a little differently from most Texans, but always active in church. When I was in high school, I became involved in Young Life and really learned what it meant to be saved by faith. Sadly, the year after graduating high school, I didn’t live for Him. After finding myself on the other side of the country without my parents knowing where I was, I was at the end of my rope and allowed God back inside my heart. I repented and recommitted my life to saying thank you to Jesus for never letting me go and loving me with an amazing unconditional love.

In 2002, I married one of my childhood friends and the love of my life, Brian, and we have two beautiful daughters, Alannah & Mallory. In 2012, we fulfilled one of my husband’s lifelong dreams of moving to Texas. We felt God’s pull toward Hill Country and found Packsaddle Fellowship Church. We quickly felt God’s love through the folks at Packsaddle and knew we had found our new church home.

I have a love for organizing and office work. I’ve been working since age 12 and all my jobs involved administrative duties. Before moving to Texas, I worked in the Customer Service department for a newspaper publishing company for many years. I also have experience as a bank teller and branch manager’s assistant. After moving to Texas, I was offered a job at the Llano Library and also volunteered in the church office for over a year before becoming the Church Administrator in February of 2015.

I have a heart for gleaning wisdom from older, more mature Christians. I am learning so much about the personal relationship God wants to have with me through His Son, Jesus. It’s a lifelong journey and I’m really enjoying the ride!